Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Santa is breaking the rules

My three boys make me laugh everyday. It is amazing to watch their personalities change and take shape each and every day. Matthew, the six year old, is an extreme child. There are no in-betweens with him. He loves at 110% and can change instantly and is 110% devil. There is no gray with Matt, it is all about the rules and he informed me last night that Sanat is breaking the rules. He is not happy about this!

This all started this past Saturday. We were listening to a local radio station that is playing Christmas music all the time. A caller was describing her family's Thanksgiving. Part of her family's traditions involve celebrating their big holiday on Thanksgiving. They exchange presents and she explained how Santa comes to hand out all the gifts and celebrate with them. Matthew and Jacob immediatley discussed this and decided it was not fair that this family gets to spend time with Santa himself. The kids are not suppose to be able to see Santa and get the presents right from him. After an attempt to explain why Santa was visiting these kids early and spending time with them, the matter was dropped....or so I thought.

So fast forward to last night. We were out at the mall and Matthew was very interested in seeing Santa. He was determined that we could not leave until visiting Santa, so off we went. I thought nothing of Matthew's interest in seeing Santa until he approached him and the first thing out of his mouth' "Hey what is the deal Santa, don't you know there are rules about handing out gifts and letting kids see you" Matthew continued to give Santa the third degree about breaking the rules. I tried to explain but could not stop laughing. So please Santa-for Matthew's sake-stick to the rules.


Diane said...

That is a GREAT story! Way to start off my day - with a good laugh!

Karen said...

Oh too cute!

Allison said...

Absolutely priceless! I would have loved to have seen Santa's face during this scolding! LOL!

BTW, Happy Packing and have fun this weekend as you embark on a wonderful journey as a Moms Panelist!