Saturday, April 4, 2009

More catching up

I am trying hard to catch up on all the amazing things that has happened to me since being selected to the Disney World Mom's Panel. The 2009 Panelists launched of course on January 5th and since then we have all been hard at work answering planning questions. The questions are fun and imaginative and every once in a while a little differnt but it has been a blast.

The Panel has also led to my three seconds of fame- I was lucky enough to be asked to visit one of our local tv stations for an on-air interview about Disney and the panel. I joined my two favorite anchors, Larry and Robin, on the WGN morning news. I should have been scared to death, but they were so friendly and funny that I felt very comfortable talking to them and since I watch them every morning it is like I know them. Of course we were talking about one of my favorite things, Disney World, so that always helps calm the nerves. In all I did well, no fainting or vomiting, so I would say it was a success.

I was also recently interviewed by the Chicago Tribune about my role with the Panel. I hope the article makes it to the newstands and not the recycle pile soon. Stay tuned for a date.

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Jo Y said...

M you were fantastic on the TV, a star in the making :)