Thursday, July 23, 2009

I am very new to the blogging world. As I mentioned in a previous post, I have read them for years but they are all so good. There are so many of you out there that have such an amazing talent and you make me laugh and cry so easily. I am not worthy of your talents, but like a baby learns to walk, I am hoping to learn to blog. I am hoping that tonight was the beginning of a great weekend adventure that will take me further into my blogging skills, see I am attending BlogHer '09.

Funny story of how I got there: Many months ago I received an email from one of my fellow Disney World Moms, Heather of Hopelesslyflawed asking me if I was going to blogher? Huh??? My response was am I going to blog who? After I am sure she laughed out loud at my ignorance, she was kind enough to send back a reply with the website for this great event going on in my own backyard. Then to make things even better I found out that Disney Mom Jodi of Multitaskingmommy was going to be there so I was sold. I bought a ticket for Saturday's events, since I had to work Friday, and went on my merry way.

Then strange things in the universe kept pulling me back to the blogging world. Little things i would read in an article, reports on the expanding world of social media, twitter, facebook and blogs, I was invited to come to Disney World as a representative of the Moms Panel for a Mommy Blogger event they were hosting (I promise to recap that weekend soon). I was reading more and more blogs and even better meeting amazing mommy bloggers who had such great stories to tell. I was thrilled that this opportunity to go to BlogHer fell into my lap.

Then the days started to creep closer and my anxiety level began to skyrocket. After all I know so few of the moms and there would be so many. Most of which blog to thousands if not hundred of thousands daily. Seriously? Who was I to think I even deserved to be within ten blocks of them. I pushed through my fears and self-doubt, if for no other reason then to visit with the moms I met at Disney (aka MagicalMoms) and of course JODI!

At 3:45 today I strolled the few blocks from my office downtown to the Hyatt where the first gathering was scheduled. SocialLuxe was hosting the kick-off party. I was so happy to immediately run into Emily from Momminitup and Andrea from Mommysnacks and there cheery hellos and big hugs were enough to make me push on. I found Jodi and clung to her in fear, poor Jodi. Everyone was so friendly and nice and the party was incredible. Everything from the decorations to the food to the entertainment was classy and beautiful and it is easy to see why all of these ladies have been pulled into this network. It is a great place to learn, complain, laugh and turn to for advice and an acknowledgement that our work as moms is the most important thing in the world.

I hated when it was time to go. there were still so many people I had yet to meet and the evening was just starting, but I needed to head home to my three boys. I will be back tomorrow after work for some more great parties, including one hosted by my FAVORITE place Disney!!! Then of course Saturday, I will be attending the sessions and speakers and can't wait.

Stay tuned.......

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kasandria said...

I enjoyed chatting with you at the Socialluxe Lounge party about Disney! Great info. Keep up the good work!