Thursday, July 2, 2009

Looking Back

Ok so a quick whirlwind tour of where my time on the Disney Mom's Panel has taken me. A lot of amazing things have happened so this may take a few posts but I will attempt to go in order.

American Idol Experience Opening:

So I knew there was a reason or two that I married my husband. Turns out this year the reason is because of when he was born. Disney World's big promotion this year is "What Will You Celebrate" and as part of this promotion, guests can get into one Disney park free on his/her birthday. Mark's birthday is February 11th and he has family in the Orlando area, so as a birthday treat, we decided that we would hop off to Disney World for a few days just him and I. Well as luck would have it, the American Idol Experience at Disney's Hollywood Studios, was opening that same week. A few of the Disney Moms were going to be in town to attend the medai events that week and I could not wait to see them again.

The American Idol event was amazing. The afternoon started with a motorcar parade featuring numerous Idol winners and runner-ups. Following the parade, those of us with media credentials were able to attend a special American Idol preview show. All of the Idols in Disney were in attendance as well as Paula Abdul and Ryan Secrest. David Cook and Carrie Underwood preformed and the seven previous Idol winners received a special trophy. This attraction is going to be amazing and I love the energy in the room and the special effects and detailing Disney has put in.

Following the show, we were led into a now empty Hollywood Studios for a private reception party with glowing blue drinks, amazing food, blue carpet and flashing lights. The Moms quickly caught up with some of our Disney social media faves like Laura, Leanne and Brewer. We got a huge kick out of sitting at a table next to Meg Crofton. We looked everywhere for our Disney BFF Gary but he was hard at work, or maybe hiding from us???

After dinner we started spotting some of the Idols roaming the party so of course we had to do what any middle-aged, calm and collected mom would do....ran screaming and pushing people out of the way. Ok maybe no screaming but some running and pushing. We got to meet and chat with a number of Idols like Bo Bice, Sanjaya and Ruben Stoddard. Disney had left Rock 'n Roller Coaster and Tower of Terror open so we had to take a few spins on the attractions. Diane C and I headed over to Tower of Terror at one point and walked into a loading area that had only the Cast Member, the two of us, the MC from Idol and Sanjaya. Was so funny as he had never rode before and was a little freaked out.

All in all it was an amazing evening hanging with my Mom BFFs Jackie, Diane C., Jennifer and Karen, our Disney Cast Member friends and the American Idols.

Thank you Disney for a perfect night, and thank you Mark for a properly scheduled birthday.


Diane said...

Thanks for bringing back the memories, and I also thank your husband for scheduling his birthday at such a great time. It was great to see you that weekend, and I can't wait until September!

Margaret said...

It was awful nice of Mark to be born on a day that works out for me. LOL! Can't wait to see all of you in September. It will be unbelievable to have us all back together again.