Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Do we have enough turkey?

Do you know what tomorrow is? Well my six year old does and he is very concerned that the ones responsible for feeding him have forgotten.

I found him checking out our refrigerator and freezer a few times last night. Now it is not unusual to find someone's head stuck in our fridge, three growing boys you know, but it was a little strange that he never got out a snack but kept returning to look again. Finally I had to ask him what he was looking for. "Mom, do you know what Thursday is" he asked. My response...yes, of course. "Well where is the turkey" he asked. He was relieved to hear grandma was taking on the turkey duty this year and had one all tucked away at her house. He returned a while later to ask if grandma had a big or little turkey to which I was happy to assure him we had a nice big turkey. Guess who woke me up at 3am-yep you guessed it!
"Mom, are you sure grandma has enough turkey ?" Maybe I should call my mom and make sure we have enough turkey-looks like someone is hungry for this year.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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Jo Y said...

Ahhhh bless LOL

BTW love your new background!