Monday, November 24, 2008

My morning ritual includes checking in on many of my favorite blogs. I love to read and laugh along with the adventures of so many that I have never met but feel like I have known for years. I never thought I would take to a blog myself though. Don't get me wrong, I have never been accused of having little to say or being shy, I just never thought about putting the chaotic adventures of our family in written form. Never say never though and things change, so here I sit attempting my first blog. What has changed, you may ask...go ahead, ask, I'll wait......

My new fantastic journey is due to a little company called Disney, maybe you have heard of them. This company owns and operates a little vacation spot in Florida called Walt Disney World. Hopefully you have been there to experience the magic that Disney does better than anyone. Anyway, back in 2007 Disney announced an idea that involved tapping into the hugely popular online blogging and forum community. After an extensive search starting with approximately 10,000 applicants, Disney selected twelve very unique and special moms and dads to handle a site they introduced called This site proved to be extremely popular so Disney decided to select a new panel for the 2009 year. Each applicant was asked to answer three questions about their family and Disney experience. To my astonishment, I received an email from Disney a few weeks later congratulating me on advancing to the next round. Another set of questions and more waiting until this popped up one day in my inbox

"On behalf of Walt Disney World® Resort, we would like to congratulate you on making it to the final phase of the selection process for the 2009 Walt Disney World® Moms Panel!
As you know, we received thousands of applications, and you are among the top candidates whose knowledge of – and passion for – Walt Disney World® continues to make a lasting impression on the judging panel. Your expertise and willingness to share the Disney magic is inspirational!"

The final step was a phone interview with the Disney executives that oversee the Moms Panel. I had made it this far last year but was not one of the final twelve selected but instead of being nervous, I felt very calm and excited. I answered all of their questions with enthusiasm. Then the waiting began. Luckily we had a Disney World trip planned and I passed the next week in my favorite place. I returned to find an email letting us know the new panelists would be announced the next day. While I sat in my school's PTA meeting the next afternoon, staring at my cell phone, I saw that wonderful 407 area code and knew this was it. All I remember is Leanne congratulating me on being selected to the 2009 Disney World Moms Panel. My fellow PTA'ers laughed as I jumped up and down and screamed in excitement.

Since finding out this exciting news I have been lucky enough to connect with the other fifteen panelists that were selected. We will all be gathering in Disney World on December 5th to spend the weekend learning about the site. I am so excited at what the next year brings and that I finally get to meet fifteen new friends to share this amazing adventure with.

Karen, Kay, Tanya, Whitney, Amber, Anna, Cathy, Diane, Diane, Doug, Jackie, Jennifer, Jo, Joanne and Jodi...I can't wait to share this journey with you. See ya real soon!


Diane said...

Yeah! Another moms panel blogger! Can't wait to meet you as well!

Jo Y said...

Fantastic start Margaret, only 10 days till we meet wooohoooo!

Mindful_Jodi said...

Looks great Margaret, can't wait to meet you!